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This is a review for my favorite website……! Kidzbop is a free website, because there not just a website….. the’re a band! Well not exactly…. They get kids at young ages (11, 12, etc) to redo of the Kidzbop Logocurrent biggest hits. These are good CDs for younger ages, because Kidzbop removes bad words from the songs, so now big hits are here for younger ages. So far, Kidzbop has been around for ten years and counting. They just recently got new Kidz Bop Kidz, (the singers) as the others moved on in their singing, acting lives. The new KBKs are: Charisma, Hannah, Eva, Steffan, Elijah.

Now to the site: is the best social site for kids…. well if they understand how to deal with bullies. Kidzbop has bullies, most kids stand up to them, but others have their friends do it and some just let it happen…. but either way, its not good. Kidzbop recently made “The 3 Strike Policy”. If other members see a bad post, they click the report button, and it sends it off to Kidzbop, if they say it followed the rules, they keep it. If it doesn’t, B-bye!

If its removed, that user gets a strike. If they get three, they get kicked off, however they can easily make a new account. (Tip: Just be good! )  Kidzbop has “Safe Text” so you can’t write numbers, last names, addresses, etc. But since its relese, June 20, 2010 we kids have kind of found ways to get through it. But still, that’s not a good idea at ALL.

Kids can upload videos, which are reviewed before being posted, same goes for photos and fanpages and contests. Theres two kinds of contests on Kidzbop, Member Contests and Sponsored Contests. Member contests are created everyday by Kidzbop members. Theres no real prize to these, they’re just fun to do. A sponsored contest is hosted by Kidzbop, if you enter and win (1st, 2nd or 3rd) you will win the prize the sponser has provided. The winners are chosen based on votes from the users. There very hard to win, but not immpossible. (I have actually won one!!)

There is a yearly contest that has real judges. Its called “Kidz Star USA Talent Search”. It it starts around August. Last years winner was Kiana Brown.

My review score is……. 8 out of 10! Tips for Kidzbop: You should make a block feature, keeping those nasty bullies away could be as simple as a single click!

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Review Of “Shakespeare’s Secret” By Elise Broach

I read “Shakespeare’s Secret” for school. I read this book in less than 2 days. Not because I wad speeding through my book,  because this book was so good you couldn’t put the thing down! Hero and her older sister, Beatrice, and her family move a lot (like me) and Hero ‘s unique name from Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” causes first -day -of -school trouble. But Hero finds out amazing secrets about her house and Shakespeare with the help of Mrs. Roth and 8th grader Danny.

4 and a half stars.