The Ultimate Sleepover Guide 4 Gals!

Are you a girl who wants to throw a sleepover your pals won’t soon forget? Well, great! Here are some awesome ideas to make your party the talk of the summer:

• Have one of your guests sit in front of a white board, and have all the other girls write things about her, then snap a few shots! Great reminders of your awesome time!

Source:  •A great sleepover party favor can be as simple as glow in the dark nail polish!



• Another easy gift to make is, cereal pencil holders. Really easy to make. (Click the picture for instructions)


• V.I.P. pass necklaces, include in the invitation . (NOTE: Give everyone a V.I.P. pass! And make your whole house the V.I.P. area.)

Source: Annie on Pinterest

• Popsicle stick bracelets: Boil in water for 15 minutes then place in cup to dry. Paint them together.

• Do your guests enjoy texting? To avoid texting during a party, put out a basket for girls to put cell phones during the party.

• New party game alert! This came is called “Pass The Polish”. Players should sit in a circle on the One of the players takes a bottle of nail polish and spins it in the center of the circle. When the bottle stops spinning, the player that it is pointing to must paint one fingernail with that nail polish. That player then spins another bottle. Play continues until all fingernails and toenails have been polished. (Tip: Change polish every turn for a mix matched look.)

• Have a “Cereal Bar” set out when the guests wake up.

• Feeling like Milk N Cookies? Lets have some fun with it! Have cookies WITH holes in the center, stick ‘em on a straw, then put it in a glass of milk. Talk about display!


• When night time nears, you probably should stop drink caffeinated drinks around 11:00 PM. If you switch to bottled water, drink in style with Duct Tape!

• Here’s a cool party favor! Buy your pals fave color nail polish, then go online and design your own personalized logos!

• Have a spa day! (Click picture for recipe)

• Make Kool-aid ice cubes in different flavors, then put them in Sprite and the color and flavor begin to change!


• Ok, every girl likes Mustaches… am I right? Then every girl at your sleepover will LOVE this!


• Buy personalized stickers by partyINK.


• Make personalized flashlights together!

• Make your own Kool-aid Cherry Lip Gloss!

Morning Time!

In the morning, have your guests leave from 10:00 to 11.00 AM. In the mean time, play a movie, make a Scrapbook from the day, EAT. But don’t make the morning dull.



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