Make A Memorable Pillow


I’m the oldest. If you are too,  then this will make much more sense to you than your younger sister.

As the oldest… you usually get the clothes first. Some clothes can be special…. like the one I ‘m wearing in the picture above. (That’s me on my birthday, age 9.)

I got the shirt at my 8th birthday… so far the best party in my 11 years.  Anyways, I *LOVED* my shirt. Then that horrible day came when I finally had to give it up when 5 inches of my belly showed… not to mention when I lifted my hands in the air…. yeah.

That shirt was done for,  for me that is.  The next week,  sure enough… Allie -my little sister- had it on. It took a lot convincing,  but the shirts now mine. Well… its a pillow now. Try it for your self!

(TIP: When sewing, sew it inside out, and when your about to finish, turn it back. (Basically, just “un-inside out it. ;D) Then stuff it, sew the last part, and, voila!

Tell me how it worked out in the comments!


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