Home Made Halloween Costumes

Its time to get ready for Halloween! Only 27 days to go…. check out the count down on the homepage. Now you can go down to Wal*Mart and pick up that Bumble-Bee outfit that everyone’s wearing,


Get creative and make an original costume such as…..

Nerd! Carry your laptop/IPad/Kindle Fire down the street, put on huge glasses and put your hair in pigtails. (Sounds cute!) And you can even go as far as making a laptop candy bag.

Get a thin rectangular piece of card board and fold it in half.

Paint the top and bottom, let it dry.

Then paint LAP-TOP on the front.

Now get plastic rap to cover the ends so no candy falls out. Staple it in place.

Add a handle and, voila! Your lap top candy bag is done!


This costume is guaranteed to get plenty of “Oooh!”‘s  and “Ahhh!”s. I know this because i wore it my self a few years ago.

Just get a cardboard box big enough to fit around you comfortably.

Spray paint it red.

Cut out head and arm holes.

Cut out the “Star Burst”, paint it white, let it dry.

Paint “Taste The Rainbow!” on it with some skittles.

Now paint “Ski” in white paint, then do the rainbow starting at the letter “I”. Let that dry.

Now paint “ttles”.

By a wig and…… voila!

Katniss Everdeen

Now this is an awesome costume! This is what i’m being this year.

Just go to the store and get some clothes to match the ones she wore in the arena, add a coat.

Oh! How could i forget!! You can by a MockingJay pin at Toys R Us for $12.99.

Braid your hair. Do it the way Venia did! (Click for tutorial)

For a bow, i got a stick about 3ft long and 1″ thick. I bent it and used elastic to finish it. If you can not picture this, view the picture i took. You can make a quiver for your candy bag and make some arrows from sticks. Don’t forget the feathers! (PS: If someone does not  give you the candy you want, don’t shoot them! :P)

Now, if you really want to make people laugh, go as yourself! When you ask for  candy, you may hear, “And what are YOU?” and you’ll say, “I went as myself!”.

Pretty sure you’ll get some giggles!


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