Awesome DIY Bracelet

One day I was pinning on ‘Pinterest’ (R) and I came across an awesome DIY bracelet. So I thought, “I bet my E4G’s viewers woulds love this!”. So i got to work.

So, do you want a brand new bracelet, but want it to be, different?

Well, clear your schedule and grab:

– Elastic
– Beads
– Safety pins
– Scissors
– A lot of time! (4:00 hours to make one, with my sisters help with half of it.)

1. Cut two strands of elastic the same size. (The size of your wrist)
2. Take a safety pin and put one color of beads one it.
3. Do the same thing with a different color for a cool look.
4. Put the top of the safety pin through the top strand of elastic. Put the second through the bottom of the pin.
5. Continue the pattern until you’ve got a bracelet.
6. Tie it off.


Here’s what it looks like:



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