Babysitting Time!

Before i start, i’d like to apologize for the lack of posts. I’ve been either busy or had writers block.  Now, i’ll REALLY begin the post…..


Babysitting Time!

I’m taking a babysitting training coarse tomorrow! (12/1/12) I’m very exited to be “official”!

Once i pass, i’ll receive a first aid kit, a book on babysitting, (I assume thats what “Babysitters Text” means.) and, drum roll please! ***Drum Roll*** An official card saying that can totally babysit anyone’s children!!!!

So, the reason i’m taking this $45.00 (THANK YOU FOR PAYING THAT MOM & DAD!) thing is because it will teach safety and CPR and life saving info! So, its kinda good to save up some $$$ money or ask M&D to help out and take a coarse!

Now, its good to read up about babysitting in a couple of good books!

I have this one, its called “Babysitters Business Kit“. It comes with supplies to help you on the job! Its a really great book. 🙂

I also have this book, “Babysitting Secrets” packed with fun thing to do!

You can check out my Babysitting Board on Pinterest.

Good luck, Sitters!


I Was Next To Mrshoe

Today i was on one of my favorite websites, Everybody Edits playing on a level called “Magical Coin Doors“, when all of a sudden, MRSHOE WAS THERE! He’s a Moderator. Anyways, IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!

It was so cool. Just SO cool! I started yelling for my sister to get in here because she plays the game too, and i was hopping around typing things like, “mrshoe! This is SO cool!” “Hey mrshoe, i’m a fan!”

Here is him next to me after i’d completed the level and we’re both wearing super awesome winners crowns .

This was sooooooo cool that he actually came to a level i was at! So, Mrshoe, if your reading this, this is what i have to say….


The end.