I LOVE my diary. More like need.  Here are some reasons I use my diary…

  • So i can read about the things i did when i’m older.
  • When i’m mad, i can write all about it, and it makes me feel so much better in the end.
  • I email a lot, text a lot, and write letters a lot. So when i’m angry/sad/mad I pretend i’m writing a letter for the person i’m feeling angry/sad/mad at.

Now, here are the down sides to having a diary:

  • Someone could easily open it and read all your secrets. Talk about being an Open Book!
  • Those chances are increased with a younger brother. (Or sister!)
  • When your mad and you write three pages on your anger of your brother reading your diary, and he reads it and is so mad at you. And then tells mom you wrote a bad word. (Teehee)


Imagine the horror of losing it! And even worse, the horror of who found it!

Could be that cute boy at the park, bully at school, or even your brother. And whats stopping them from reading? That’s right.


(Except the possible chance the finder has manners and respects privacy….)

If your diary is where you let out your anger, don’t let what happens in Harriet The Spy happen to you and your diary!

(Also, you probably shouldn’t spy, either.)

* I read this story once in a book where a girl brings her diary to school to show her friend a page, and later on in the day everyone is laughing and pointing at her. She doesn’t know why until she sees pages of her diary tacked up on the walls. :O

Good luck with your diary!



One thought on “Diarys

  1. I like the idea of writing writing a letter to someone that you’re sad/mad/angry at in your diary. I do this, too, sometimes. It’s very healing. =D

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