Journaling is one of my favorite things to do. I didn’t even know that i was journaling until quite recently. I actually wrote,

“NEWS FLASH! I just discover, after lots of questions and some research that what i’ve been doing since sometime in August (2012) is JOURNALING!”

My Journaling Notebook

I went to the Dollar General and picked up cute little notebook for $1.00. (It may cost more because i got it at the “Back To School” sale.)

Now i bring this notebook everywhere with me. Since its so small i can fit it and my purse and i always have a pencil or a pen in there, and i put little stories, songs, lists, anything!

Its probably about half full by now. And, for Christmas my brother, Tyler, and my sister, Allie, borh got me to new ones.

Thanks, guys!!!! 🙂

So journaling is really fun and i think you should journal, too.  (TIP: It there’s no pretty notebooks a the store, make it pretty with DUCT TAPE!)



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