Creative Communication Poetry Contest

I love to write poetry!

Its very very fun to me!

With lots of rhymes at just the right time.

Writing poems is lots of fun,

Grab a pen and paper and lets go write one!

                                                                              – Annie (Me!)

Poetry. It can be so funny that you laugh so hard that no noise comes out. It can be so sad you lay awake at night, crying.

Whichever type of poetry you prefer, i hope you enter your piece into the Creative Communications Poetry Contest. (Grades 4-12) I entered last year and got my poem, Birds, published.

"A Celebration Of Poets" Poetry Book

Yup! Published. If your poem gets chosen to be published, you can go online and order a book. I think its really fun to enter.

Here’s my poem, Birds:

 Starlings, Sparrows, and Chimney Swifts

Bluebirds, Blue Jays and Hawks that drift

Birds that screech and birds that sing and birds with a melody

So many kinds, plenty to see, all my favorites, just for me.

                                                                                                                    – Annie

Happy writing!  -Annie 

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