Zombie Board Game On Everybody Edits


Today, I’d like to show you one of my favorite Everybody Edits levels!


Zombie Board Game

—> http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWBe0oXy85bUI <—

This game is really fun AND really hard! When playing, there are

green squares,

Green Square


yellow squares,

Yellow Square

red squares

Red Square


purple squares.

Purple Room


If you land one a green square, your fine. Yellow squares bring you to a mini game that you have to complete to advance on the board. Red squares with zombies bring you to a huge, red, fiery  area full of spikes. A.K.A. the zombies belly. So, be careful! Don’t touch them! You have to get out to continue. (More on getting out later.) Purple squares are the worst. “(The) purple room is the room of Zombie Boss. You have to beat him to pass!” -AsurcH, Level Creator

The creator of the level (AsurcH) used portals that aren’t visible, so it can be a challenge to actually get out.  Yet, I’ve made it easy. 🙂

The Way Out


* You can get out on the other side, too, but this is my favorite way.

How to advance to the next square is like rolling dice. If you jump up (this applies to green squares only) you will be transported to a room and you will be falling. Coins will surround you, and you have to catch as many as possible! The number of coins you collect equals the number the dice would have rolled. Then you’ll fall into a different area of the board. Then you move to the right and enter a portal that moves you to your square.

(Official rules here)

Have fun playing Zombie Board Game on Everybody Edits!



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