DIY Manicure

Hello gals!  Today, I'm gonna tell you how to give you and 
your friends manicures at home! 
For Halloween, I was being a peacock. I decided to 
paint my nails to go 
with it, and this was a super fun way to do it! 

me peacock

You'll need:

*Nail polish
*Nail polish remover
*Hand soap
*Small bowls
*Nail file
*One of those wachamacallits that scrub under your nails
*Cotton balls and Q-Tips
*Nail clippers


Ok, let's begin!

First, take your empty bowl and put some hand soap in it. 
Then pour warm water in it. Put the tips of your fingers into it, 
one hand at a time. When your hands come out, put lotion on them 
to moisturize. If you need to, clip your nails now. Now use the 
nail file to, well, file your nails. Dip a cotton ball in nail polish 
remover, and remove any old polish. If your repainting, do it now. 
Ta da!


I painted my nails