Update on Views & Animation With SMASD10

Hello folks. It’s Monday morning and I am pretending that people actually read this.
I mean, I actually have a pretty good amount of views regularly. But they’re all on my old posts that people stumble upon thanks to Google.
Don’t get me wrong! I am so thankful for that! That’s what made me start this up again.
But my point is I have like no stable readers.


So anyways, I want to make an animated web series. I am (trying) to use SmithMicro Anime Studio Debut 10 (Which I’m gonna shorten for my and your sake to this: SMASD10).

Now this was the result I was hoping for:

(Credit to: WinxClubMagicalPower on Youtube)

That looks SOO awesome, right?! I was all, I’m gonna buy SMASD10 for 50 dollar’s and this program will make my animation come to life!!

So here’s mine.

It’s not really that bad, but there’s so much I’d like to fix and improve.

Here is one of my animations pre-SMASD10.

That one is one of my favorites. Part 2 is *still* in the works.

But anyways, if the girl who made the first video sees this post, would you be interested in making a guest post on how you do your animations?

To everyone else, thanks for reading!!


What Happens When You Try To Write A Story

Writing a story is difficult. I’m having a particularly hard time staying focused on my current project. But a took a break from it to express my feelings about how easy it is to take hours getting nothing written.

With pictures!

1. Sit somewhere comfy with your laptop.

Sitting With Your Laptop

2. Stare at a blank page for some time.

Blank Page

3. Get distracted by something shiny.


4. Finish (or, if necessary, start) reading the shiny thing.


5. Get back to writing.

Writing Again

6. Try to figure out when you started playing video games, then stop playing them.

Everybody Edits

7. Give up.

Give Up

The End!