“Maybe”… Written By Me

From the outside, she just looks like a slight girl. Shy, secluded. Hair in a ponytail, bangs in her eyes. Pencil in her hand.
Do they wonder what she writes? Maybe, they think, she writes adventures in the sea. Pirates and mermaids fighting with swords.
Or maybe, the boy with the crush hopes when her pencil skates across the page, it spells out his name.
Or maybe, they wonder, is she writing the next best novel?
Perhaps her enemies think shes plotting evil schemes.
Or maybe, they think it’s just nothing at all. The mere scribblings of a teenage girl.

What do I write, you ask? Well, I’m sorry. You’ll have to place your guess, just like the rest.

They’re all wrong, you know.

Copyright 2015, Annie Harley,’Everything 4 Gals’


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