About Annie

Hiya! I’m Annie. I am 14.  Well, that’s kind of a lie since I still have a couple of months till I actually turn 14…. but who cares!

Anyhow, I love music. Mostly pop, Christian pop (not the slow stuff, hence the ‘pop’), and some country.

I am a hardcore Christian. If you see me with my eyes closed, I’m probably saying a little prayer! God and I are buddies, and don’t even try to change that.

I love reading so much! I get so sad when my friends say they don’t like reading. How could you go to the book fair and not buy something?! I’m not gonna go on about all my favorite books of authors, but instead my favorite genres. (I used to always think that genres was pronounced jen-airs, not jon-rahs!) I like science fiction, how-to books, romance books and historical fiction. I sometimes read my science text book for fun.

kindle books

Not only do I read, I write! I write little stories about my favorite OC (original characters) family. The Cohens! They’re a family of actors that live in Colorado, specifically Denver. There’s 4 kids and…

Ok. Now you know not to get me started on the Cohens. But I don’t just write about the Cohens, I draw them, too. Me and my sister created them while playing barbies when I was, like, 10 or 11. And sometimes, I still play with her. We both love it, it’s actually pretty fun. Take that all of you I-Am-Way-To-Old-And-Cool-And-Junk-To-Play-Dollies people!

Lucy Cohen, the mother.

Lucy Cohen, the mother.

I’m a really, really shy person at school. There are only like 2 people that I’d actually consider friends. Dane and Aerica (Isn’t that just the best way to spell Aerica, like, ever?!). So it’s pretty weird that i’m in Drama club. Fall 2014, we did Young Frankenstein. It was my first play in drama, so I got a pretty small part. Ziggy, the village idiot. Yup.


In one of the parts, I was talking to the policema- er, woman, Inspector Kemp.  She says: “This town can finally have something its always wanted, always needed…” and I interrupt and say: “A Chipotle?!?”. It’s a pretty fun part.


But, now we’re doing the spring production and I got way better part!! We’re doing Alice In Wonderland (The 2010 movie-turned-play… or play-turned-movie… whatever.)

And I’m the…

White Queen!

white queen

Yeah!! Village idiot turned royalty, baby!

Yeah… so anyways. Before 2014, I had been homeschooled my whole life. I’d never really set foot in a public school. Oh, except for that time in 2012 when… It was a really huge adjustment for me, and my siblings. But It’s alright. I have really awesome teachers and a nice principal. A few good friends, good grades, and that’s that.




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