Summer Jobs

Before I begin…. sorry for the lack of posts! ūüė¶

Its summer. You’re free! You want money. You need a job.


Of course, If your younger than 14 or 15 you can’t work in places like McDonalds or Arby’s *. If you are that age, than fantastic! You have a to of options. But, if your younger, it may be harder.

Here are some jobs for kids 11+:

1. Babysitting (Click for info on babysitting.)

2. Lawn mowing (Click for info on lawn mowing.)

3. Tutoring (Click for more info on tutoring.)

4. Pet-sitting (Click for more info on pet sitting.)

5. Window-washing (Click for more info on window-washing.)

6. Yard Work (Click for more info on yard work.)

7. Paper Delivery (Click for more info on paper delivery.)

8. Mother’s Helper¬†(Click for more info on mother’s helpers.)

9. Dog walking (Click for more info on dog walking.)

10. Party planning (Click for more info on party planning.)

Not enough ideas? Still wanna know MORE? Well, I strongly recommend THIS book!

A Smart Girls Guide To Money

This book has 101 job ideas, and in the terms of money, “how to make it, save it, and spend it”. Its great and I’m proud to have it on my book shelf.

(click the image for details)

P.S. One of the reasons I wrote this post was because I’m trying to earn money so I can buy myself a Kindle Fire HD… $98.00 dollars and counting!

*This age requirement is for the United States and may be different in other countries, states, or providence’s.


BabySitting Folder!

I’m a babysitter. It very fun and makes money. I’ve created a “Babysitting Bag” that I bring along on jobs. It includes:

  • A folder (full of papers about jobs).
  • “Babysitter’s Business Kit (and ‘The Babysitter’s Handbook’ ” from American Girl.
  • “Child and Babysitting Safety” book ¬†from the American Heath & Safety Institute (ASHI).
  • Envelopes and fake stamps. -Have the children write letters (or draw pictures) of what they want to do next time you visit.-
  • Small toys and prizes for good kids.

In my folder, I have papers for parents to fill out.

Here are the links to download these papers for FREE:



Babysitting is fun and can make good money, but remember, you are RESPONSIBLE for the kids!