Random Gifs!

Heeey! Its been a long time since i posted. Sorry about that! This move has been totally hectic.

Now to repay for the weeks of no posts, please enjoy these hilarious gifs.

Some made by me and my sister, some made by some random internet user. You can use me and my sissy’s, just please be nice and give us credit!



“Me Blowing My Nose” is the name of this work of art….. totally random! By EVERYTHING4GALS and her sister!

“Girls” is the name of this one. All pictures are done by my sister, Allie. (Except the one with the blue background. That’s ALL me. xD)

This one is called “Knitting”. That’s me knitting, though Allie put the pictures in order.

I don't know who made this, but whoever did was pretty awesome.

I don’t know who made this, but whoever did was pretty awesome.

“Cups”, entirely by me! Oh, yeah.


Ok, try and tell my that that guy is not epic. Bet you can’t. (By: ?)

HAHA! What IS this!!!! Its so funny!!!!!!!!!! (By: ?)



Hehehehe. Those are soooooo funny. Thanks for reading! Make your own gif at “makeagif.com”and share it with us! And look at me (Sasha200) and my sister’s (Allieoop) gifs!





Great Things To -do While Your Sick

So this week I got sick. Here are tips on what to do, and what not…

Do Throw a level 10 tantrum.  Relax and watch a movie.

Don’t read/watch scary things.

Do eat some chicken noodle soup!

Don’t forget the tissues.

Do play some board games.

Have some suggestions? Let us know!