Funny Everybody Edits Comics!


At the beach!



Ahh, a date on a boat!

Joking around at Denny's!

Joking around at Denny’s!


Uh, that’s a, uh, weird gift! ….


Oh no! Santa will be Crisp Kringle’s in a in a few seconds!!!!


Why is that in the attic??????


What did the drowning guy say? He’s glub dubbing blub????


Uh, glad that’s not my room.


C’mon! Workout! There are weights right there!!!

killjoy me

Look, someone’s impersonating Killjoy!!!!! (Only very few people will get this joke, but a user named Killjoy was awesome at doing this at a Boss. Me and my sister call that “Doin’ The Killjoy”)


DUDE! GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you like these? I hope! Can you and your friends make some on Everybody Edits? Show ’em to us! We might feature them!

Levels we used to take pics at:, all edited by me and my awesome sista, Allie(oop2004)!



“FAMILY POSITION” Survey! ***Be on the blog!!***

Answer these questions and it could appear on the blog! (I will use the name you used to comment with. Comments will not be published. I will email users who are to appear on E4G. Have comment in by 11/1/12. NOT ALL COMMENTS WILL APPEAR!)




Hi! I’m Annie, the creator of E4G and for my next blog post, I need your input. I want to know your thoughts on your position in your family.


I’m               an Only    a Last-Born    a Middle    an Oldest               child.

(Circle/Highlight your answer)




What I like about my position:







What I don’t like about my position:







Circle or highlight which emotions you feel most regarding your position:


Sad Lonely Happy Popular Noticed Ignored

Thanks! -Annie