DIY Manicure

Hello gals!  Today, I'm gonna tell you how to give you and 
your friends manicures at home! 
For Halloween, I was being a peacock. I decided to 
paint my nails to go 
with it, and this was a super fun way to do it! 

me peacock

You'll need:

*Nail polish
*Nail polish remover
*Hand soap
*Small bowls
*Nail file
*One of those wachamacallits that scrub under your nails
*Cotton balls and Q-Tips
*Nail clippers


Ok, let's begin!

First, take your empty bowl and put some hand soap in it. 
Then pour warm water in it. Put the tips of your fingers into it, 
one hand at a time. When your hands come out, put lotion on them 
to moisturize. If you need to, clip your nails now. Now use the 
nail file to, well, file your nails. Dip a cotton ball in nail polish 
remover, and remove any old polish. If your repainting, do it now. 
Ta da!


I painted my nails

All You Need To Know: Pierced Ears

A few years ago, my family and I were visiting my Granny’s in Georgia. Me and my cousin,  Ashton, were looking at all of her earrings. Boy,  were they cool.

“You wanna try a pair on?” She asked me.

I jumped at the chance. What girl wouldn’t want see how she looked in green neon globes?

I pushed my hair to the side.

“Oh. Sorry,  Annie. I didn’t know your ears weren’t pierced.” She said      apologetically.

Aw man! I REALLY wanted to try those on!  I thought to my self.

All you need to know : pierced ears

After a few years,  I did get my ears pierced. Recently, too. One of my 11th birthday gifts.

You don’t even need to ask. I know your next question.

“Does it hurt?”

Horribly!!! Hehe… kidding!  Kidding! It does hurt,  but only for a half of a second.

My little sister,  Allie, was also getting hers done. Allie was nervous,  as was I.

But, as the oldest, I went first. Just so I could go on and on and on about how it hurt for just half a second so she would do it.

She’d thank me later.

Now I ‘ll answer your next question…

“How do they get the earrings in?”

Well, its quite simple,  really. I’m sure you’ve seen a stapler,  right? If you said no,  then you must be so young you can’t read.

So they take something that resembles a stapler and “staple” your earrings in.

Now… where everywhere you go,  consider two employees on duty awesomeness.

If two employees are present,  request they do both ears at the same time.

But even if you just see one, still ask. You never know where employee #2 may be.

Any more questions?

“Um, yeah. After the earrings are in,  how long before I get to change them?”

When I went,  the piercing was free,  but we had to buy earrings. (I recommend a sterling silver or gold post.)

We got light weight studs, because those earrings had to stay in full time for 8 weeks tops.

Every day,  three times a day, clean them with the special “Ear Care Antiseptic” provided by the ones who pierced your ears.


Use cotton balls or “Q-Tips” (R) to clean them.

When cleaning,  spin the earring side to side and in and out to get the stuff in the piercing.

I really hope this helps. And only get your ears pierced if your ready for the responsibility. Because nobody wants an infection!