What Happens When You Try To Write A Story

Writing a story is difficult. I’m having a particularly hard time staying focused on my current project. But a took a break from it to express my feelings about how easy it is to take hours getting nothing written.

With pictures!

1. Sit somewhere comfy with your laptop.

Sitting With Your Laptop

2. Stare at a blank page for some time.

Blank Page

3. Get distracted by something shiny.


4. Finish (or, if necessary, start) reading the shiny thing.


5. Get back to writing.

Writing Again

6. Try to figure out when you started playing video games, then stop playing them.

Everybody Edits

7. Give up.

Give Up

The End!


Funny Everybody Edits Comics!


At the beach!



Ahh, a date on a boat!

Joking around at Denny's!

Joking around at Denny’s!


Uh, that’s a, uh, weird gift! ….


Oh no! Santa will be Crisp Kringle’s in a in a few seconds!!!!


Why is that in the attic??????


What did the drowning guy say? He’s glub dubbing blub????


Uh, glad that’s not my room.


C’mon! Workout! There are weights right there!!!

killjoy me

Look, someone’s impersonating Killjoy!!!!! (Only very few people will get this joke, but a user named Killjoy was awesome at doing this at a Boss. Me and my sister call that “Doin’ The Killjoy”)


DUDE! GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you like these? I hope! Can you and your friends make some on Everybody Edits? Show ’em to us! We might feature them!

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